climbstationThis Climbstation isn’t a video-game accessory to an outdoor version of PlayStation, but it is definitely one of the most technological ways to train for the grueling sport of rock climbing.

The climbing platform itself is 150 centimeters wide with about 90 holds that can be placed wherever the user wants. It can also tilt with an angle that adjusts from +15 to -30 degrees for an added challenge.

From what I can tell, the ClimbStation is like a vertical treadmill that revolves at a top speed of 17 meters per minute. In fact, the Climbstation can automatically adjust the scrolling speed to match the user’s climbing speed, or lack thereof. I’m guessing that the padding is placed underneath in case the climber cannot keep up.

I’m also guessing that those padded mats are probably sold separately. Also not included is a trailer hitch, which the user definitely needs to transport the ClimbStation. So, with the mats, trailer, and climbing gear, you’re probably looking at one expensive toy. The Climbstation alone costs about $42,000, so feel free to figure in the other required accessories in your budget.

Yeah, as much as I would like one of these, I can’t afford it either. I’m thinking that only very rich celebrities could, really. Perhaps Sylvester Stallone will purchase one to train for a long-awaited sequel to Cliffhanger.


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