Climbing Wall Treadmill helps you burn some fat

climbing-wall-treadmillYour doctor would most probably recommend that you get enough exercise each day in addition to eating a healthy diet and having an adequate amount of rest if you were to live a long and healthy life, at least for the majority of folks out there. The thing is, going to a gym might prove to be a whole lot more challenging for some than for others, so why not bring the gym to you? This is an interesting paradigm shift to consider, but it sure as heck is going to cost you a rather hefty amount of money – which is the equivalent of a few years’ worth of a gym membership for some. Enter the $9,000 Climbing Wall Treadmill, where the name of this particular device says it all.

The Climbing Wall Treadmill will be a climbing wall that comes with a continuously revolving face which would then enable virtually endless vertical climbs, as long as your stamina and endurance holds out. The face of the wall would comprise of hand- and foot-holds on individual panels which will revolve in the manner of an upright treadmill. This enables climbers to scale to the height of Mt. Everest – all in the comfort of their very own home, now how about that? It will be motorless, which translates to a whole lot less maintenance, not to mention being powered solely by the climber’s weight. The wall itself can adjust from -20° to +5° from vertical, simulating overhangs or slab climbing, while the holds are able to be repositioned to a quartet of different locations on each panel for a fully customizable whole-body workout experience.