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Climbing Robots

I think we all know that robots are getting more advanced every day. It seems like we at Coolest Gadgets are always reporting on robots that are walking, talking, or cooking omelets. I suppose that it was about time that someone made a robot that could climb. Today, I found not one, but two robots that have this ability.

The first is the Climbatron, a small robot that uses suction cups for its Spider-man ability to climb up, down, around, and even upside down on smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors, and metal file cabinets. Just stick it on, and watch it go!

As for the other robot, that would be the mascot for the Evolta battery for Panasonic. This particular one scaled a 530 meter rope at the Grand Canyon, setting a Guinness world record for the longest-lasting battery of its kind at 6 hours and 45 minutes.

The Climbatron is available at the ThinkGeek website for just $7.99. I’m not certain whether the Evolta battery mascot will be available as a toy, but it really should be. It reminds me of a blue Astro Boy. I’m guessing this Evolta robot could kick that Energizer rabbit’s pink furry butt.

Via TechEBlog and Pink Tentacle