Climate Controlled Carrier allows pets to travel First Class

Komfort Pets Carrier

It costs about the same as a round trip economy class ticket, but it will let your pet fly first class. The Komfort Pets Carrier is a climate-controlled carrier, which automatically switches from heating to cooling and engages when temperature goes above 72 degrees and below 65 degrees through a patent-pending conduction/convection technology.

Studying how a pet controls it’s own body temperature, designers and veterinarians came up with a process by which the temperature of the carrier floor and airflow to the pet are simultaneously controlled. This allows for a system by which heat is drawn from the pet or warmth is provided as needed.

The Komfort Pet Carrier comes with a backlit LCD interface for ambient temperature display along with an on/off mode indicator and bar display showing heating or cooling power levels. The temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Customized settings can also be programmed according to a pet’s specific needs.

Available colors are green, gold, silver, blue, ruby and white. There’s also gun metal, wood grain and simulated leather finishes in its Designer series, with custom finishes like camouflage available upon request.

Tested and approved by “veterinarians,” the carrier comes in Small, Medium and Large (only the small variant is available for purchase at the moment) and prices start at about $400.

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