The ClickStick: the world’s first smart deodorant


Whether or not we want to admit it, we’re all concerned about how we smell. Hygiene is important, but even if you bathe every day, there’s one thing you never want to forget. Deodorant hides the body odor that comes naturally with going through your day. While some people don’t have as pungent a smell as others, it’s something we all deal with. There are tons of different smells and types of deodorant out there, but it’s very simple to accidentally get it on your clothes when putting it on.

 If you’d prefer to avoid streak marks, putting on too much spray deodorant, or having a glob of aromatic gel clinging to your shirt, then you might like the ClickStick. We’ve finally reached a point where even our deodorant is smart. This has a push-button system that will give you the exact same amount of antiperspirant with every press. It syncs up with your smartphone, and can follow your personal habits to let you know through a phone alert when you need a refresher. Seeing that your phone will know how often you use it, it will also know when you’re starting to run low, and will give you the option to purchase refills.

For whatever reason, these can light up pink, blue, or green if that’s something you’re into. Putting down $21 for this crowdfunding campaign will give you the refillable Clickstick and a full pouch of deodorant. This is quite a bit of overkill for what are simple problems, but hey, someone had to come up with this idea. The bright side is that your phone will alert you when you start to smell ripe rather than realizing it a little too late.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter