Clicking Kitchen Grip mimics computer cursor

There’s no reason to keep all that geekiness directly around your computer.  No, you have to branch out into other areas of your home and make sure that all your guests know what a geek you truly are.  Then when you’re forced to finally leave your computer, you can feel right at home with your cursor oven mitts.  Hopefully, then you won’t start getting the shakes when you’ve left your computer for twenty minutes.  After all, it’s better to go through the withdrawals than to forget to eat  after days of gaming and drop dead.

If the price on this Clicking Kitchen Grip is actually correct, it’s possible you’ll end up scalding yourself even with these on.  Then again it probably doesn’t cost much to construct something this simple.  At least I would hope not, considering they have them posted for $1.  I’m guessing that’s for one only.  Unfortunately these aren’t in stock as of now and they only state that it will be available soon.  From the looks of things though, you can go ahead and purchase it now and it will be sent when they have them in stock.

Source: CraziestGadgets