ClickFree HD700 Backup

ClickFree HD700 Backup

If you have ever had the unfortunate pain of a deleted hard drive, then you know the importance of backing up all your information. Believe it or not, the average consumer does not have any backup protection on their computer. The sad case is that most consumers want to backup their hard drive, but many of them do not know how.

Consumers should be glad that there are now easy ways to back-up all their information. For example, the HD700 from ClickFree, a device that prides itself as being an automatic backup “for the rest of us”.

The HD700 is very simple to use and works by plugging into a computer’s USB port. It then automatically downloads software to back up a computer’s entire hard drive. Oddly enough, no CD-ROM is included, nor needed, because everything a user needs is all on the device itself.

You can back up 120 GB worth of information, and the company plans to raise the memory level to 250 GB by summer. Even at 120 GB, the ClickFree is good enough to back up multiple PCs.

You can purchase the ClickFree HD700 at the ClickFree site for about $169.00. Personally, that price is a good deal considering the cost of lost information.