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The Clicker 2-in-1 Remote will open bottles and change the channel


When you’re done for the day, the best thing to do is sit down, have a cold drink, and watch some TV. The only reason you’d have to move from your seat is to get another beverage from the fridge. Should you be a fan of chilled bottled liquids, then there’s a a good possibility you already have a mini-fridge right next to your seat. However, the bottle opener always seems to love to run off when you need it.

 If you are really dedicated to staying in one place and not having to get up for anything, then you’re going to love the Clicker 2-in-1 TV Remote. This can take the cap off a bottle and change the channel in one motion. While this isn’t the most practical item, it doesn’t cost much at around $25. Of course, if you are the slightest bit intrigued by this concept, the chances that you already have both items separately is pretty high.

If nothing else, this would be a fun gift to give someone who likes to drink bottled liquids and watch TV. However, it doesn’t seem as though this would be targeted at people who are out looking to partake in a healthy lifestyle. You’ll need 3 AAA batteries to use this universal remote. While this idea is interesting, there’s a good chance the electronic device opening a liquid-holding container is not the best combination. Not to mention that when you lose the remote, you’ll also lose your bottle opener.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via thisiswhyimbroke