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Click & Grow unveils Smart Herb Garden

Ever heard of Click & Grow before? Neither have we, but apparently Click & Grow is a designer of indoor smart gardens, and their latest creation would be the Smart Herb Garden that has been unveiled on popular crowd funding website Kickstarter. The Smart Herb Garden is no ordinary garden, but rather, it is a high-tech, self-watering plant system which is capable of growing multiple herbs simultaneously. Right now, Click & Grow has looked towards the Kickstarter community to obtain support from technology enthusiasts, travel fanatics, those who have been looking for a green thumb all this while but did not find it, in order to gain enough funds so that it can roll off the production line in due time.

Click & Grow’s CEO, Mattias Lepp, said, “With the Smart Herb Garden we hope to bring the World one step closer to sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyles. With more than 3 years of R&D behind the Smart Herb Garden, we aim to provide users a fool-proof gardening solution that is simple and intuitive to use at a fraction of the cost of similar products on the market.”

You do not need to know nuts about gardening in the first place, as the Smart Herb Garden is said to contain all of the technology within to get the job done on your behalf. The growth medium that sees action in each plant cartridge is based on a nanotech material which was specially engineered to supply the plant roots with just the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients – at all times required. This means the nasty stuff such as pesticides, fungicides, hormones or any other kind of harmful substances are no longer in the picture.

Not only that, the presence of specialized LED lights ensures that these plants are as natural looking as possible without hurting anyone’s eyes, and the entire shebang sips a mere 6 watts of juice, while offering adequate amounts of light for the plant to grow. It is said that the Smart Herb Garden will require around $5 of electricity to run for the whole year. What are you waiting for then? Pledging $29 now would help you save $50 if the Smart Herb Garden is realized.

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