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The Clever Cutter is perfect for not-so-spacious kitchens

Clever Cutter

If you live in a teeny space, you know how hard it is to cook a full meal as there’s not much room to do food prep. You can always make it work if you really want to, but if you try to put a cutting board on any place that isn’t a flat surface, you’re asking for trouble. Since there’s normally only room for one cutting board and you have to use that space wisely, you might think it would be smart to cut foods in midair, and it might not be a bad idea.

The Clever Cutter is a knife and cutting board that has been cut down to size and put on a pair of scissors. This is a food chopper and carving board that will make chopping veggies and meat right onto the plate a breeze. It is primarily comprised of stainless steel and plastic, and has a locking mechanism that will keep the blade closed when it’s not in use.

While this would be great for kebabs, cheese, veggies, and more, do try to keep in mind that you shouldn’t be putting something larger than the angle of the blade to the cutting board┬áin. It certainly won’t go well, and you might end up wasting $36.99. These are super sharp, and might need to be sharpened over time, but that will be the worst of it as these can safely go in the dishwasher. Although, if you have room in your place for a dishwasher, you probably have room enough to not need one of these.

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1 thought on “The Clever Cutter is perfect for not-so-spacious kitchens”

  1. Unfortunately, this thing really doesn’t replace a cutting board and knife, as you still need to do pre-prep to get non-cylindrical fruits and veggies to fit in the maw of this gizmo. You also can’t separate the halves of the device to sharpen the blade. Finally, it didn’t seem to save me any time compared to cutting with a board and knife. In sum, I give the Clever Cutter a failing grade…

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