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The Clever Crate – a folding basket makes grocery trips easier

The Clever Crate

Doing grocery shopping is both exhilarating and annoying. You get to pick out all the scrumptious things you’ll be feeding yourself for the coming week, but you also have to maneuver everything from the store into your home. More often than not, we end up with a million plastic and paper bags stuffed in a drawer somewhere and no feeling in our fingers from trying to carry everything at once.

It would be better to bring your own cloth bag, but even then the weight is always concentrated on the highest point, which is usually your hand. If you like to keep circulation in your fingers, then taking the plastic shopping crate would make things easier, but you can’t very well steal the one from the store. The Clever Crate is of the same design as what you would find at the grocery, but can fold down and be stowed in your car in between uses.

This has big sturdy handles that will make it far easier to move from place to place, and you won’t have to worry about your purchases rolling out while you drive home. Made of a lightweight polypropylene, this can also be used for recycling, organization at home, or camping gear. Thanks to its ability to fold down, you’ll be able to store this under your car seat. This will cost you $14 for one crate, and you’ll be able to choose all black or a blue and black color combination.

Available for purchase on solutions.blair, found via thegreenhead


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