Clever Cleavers, chopping board and knife combined

s_clever_hands.jpg Clever Scissors

I’m surprised I’ve not come across these before, cleaver scissors, a combination of knife, chopping board and scissors.

I’ve been cutting home made pizzas with a pair of scissors for years, pizza loving guests (love of pizza is a pre-requisite for an invitation to my abode) always give me a strange look when I start slicing with a pair of scissors but it doesn’t take long for them to be converted to the easy way of cutting the perfect slice.

Any way back to the gadget of the clever cleaver. The clever cleaver works by the bottom part of the scissor like contraption being a small chopping board, whilst the top part the blade. You can then chop vegetables and fruit (well anything really) without the need of a proper chopping board (or scratched worktop). This also saves you having to clean dried up tomato pips of your regular chopping board every couple of months.

More info over here but be warned it’s been automatically translated by Google so probably reads worse than my inane ramblings.

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