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CleanPot Tank-Less Ultrasonic Humidifier offers moist and clean air

cleantopIt is nice to see that there are advancements being made to the world of home enhancing devices, such as humidifiers. After all, air that is too dry is not good for our skin, as it would make our skin look tired, where they crack and peel at the same time. Of course, it would be a whole lot better if the humidifier in your home has more than one function, right? I am referring to the $139.00 CleanPot Tank-Less Ultrasonic Humidifier that will not only keep the air around you moist, but it will also ensure that the air ends up clean, too!

In fact, the CleanPot Tank-Less Ultrasonic Humidifier intends to change the way you control the humidity levels in your home. This particular humidifier will be different, since it contains no water or air filters, and it is easily dismantled to facilitate an easy clean up. In order to clean this humidifier, you would not have to fret too much, since it is about as easy as doing the dishes. Needless to say, do not send this product to the dishwasher! There is an adjustable regulator that enables one to determine the humidity level that you best prefer.