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The CleanPot Humidifier makes the cold, dry months more tolerable

CleanPot Humidifier

When it’s cold outside, your home starts being very dry. For the most part we don’t notice this sort of thing throughout the day. However, when you wake up in the morning you feel as though your mouth is about as humid as the desert. While a humidifier will help alleviate this aspect as well as helping you sleep a bit better, they are an absolute pain to clean. Over time they build up mold, and if cleaned incorrectly don’t work again right away.

If you wish cleaning out a humidifier wasn’t such a chore, then you’re quite likely to enjoy the CleanPot Humidifier. This has no tank as the diffuser floats atop the water in a bowl, meaning you’ll always be aware of whether or not you need more H2O. Not only that, but you don’t have to turn it off and bring it to the sink to fill it up. This can be disassembled and washed easily, and needs no replacement filters or pumps.

The intensity at which it spews humidity can be controlled by an external knob which is included. If you would prefer to get a pleasant smell with your humidity, you can add in a few drops of aromatic oil with your water. You’ll have the option of a “Volcano” or “Tea Kettle” shaped vapor cap which will create different plume shapes. This will cost you $139, which isn’t too bad for a 2.5 gallon humidifier that isn’t too complex, and won’t develop mold that you can’t get to after a few months. Of course, that’s with the understanding that you will need to wash this out every once in a while.

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