Clean up after Fido

clean-city-toiletry-bag.jpgWhat does it mean to be a responsible pet owner? For starters, not only do you have to ensure your pet gets the proper care and booster shots, you got to keep the environment around you clean whenever Fido or Lassie does their daily log deposit when you walk them around the neighborhood. There are many ways of picking up after poop, but why not decided to do it in style with the Clean City Toiletry Bag?

Despite more and more people being more civic conscious about keeping public places clean by picking up after their own pets, there are still certain segments of the population who couldn’t give two hoots about doing so. Maybe getting them the Clean City Toiletry Bag would drop a hint big enough, but if they still don’t make use of it, you might as well mail their pet’s poop to their home with this. I don’t suppose that such irresponsible people actually think that their beloved dog’s poop littered (no pun intended) all over the park will actually make good fertilizer for the grass, do they?

For just 6.77 Euros (the equivalent of $10.30/£5.30), the Clean City Toiletry Bag could be yours. This special bag will make a great gift for all dog owners who love bringing their four legged friends out for long walks, providing the equivalent of a roll’s worth of plastic bags which can be pulled out through the groove whenever you need one. A nice touch is the addition of a special pocket for you to store your house keys, enabling you to take a walk without carrying any other additional bags or unwanted baggage.

Source: Popgadget