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Clean your chompers with the Dental Hygiene Coaching Toothbrush

Dental Hygiene Monitoring Toothbrush

We know we’re supposed to take about a full minute to brush our teeth, but that hardly ever happens. Do you actually count out 60 seconds, and spend 15 seconds on each quadrant of your mouth? No, didn’t think so. We often need some form of motivation to take care of that kind of tedious behavior, so it would likely help if there were a game you could play by brushing your teeth.

We saw the Grush in the past, but there was a lot of focus on the game element with the idea that you’re supposed to keep buying more. This Dental Hygiene Coaching Toothbrush will let you know if you’re terrible at brushing your teeth, and help you to get better if that is the case. This has an accelorometer, gyroscope, and a magnetometer that will be used to understand the speed, angle, and duration at which you should be brushing your teeth.

The correlating app will let you know how you’re doing, with a myriad of charts and graphs that you very likely aren’t going to care about in the slightest. Several people can store their toothbrush information on the same app, but that would be under the assumption that multiple people who don’t have their own smartphone are all in possession of this $199.95 toothbrush. While this sonic toothbrush will certainly help you improve the quality time you spend on your teeth, you should probably be really bad at brushing on your own to justify this high of a purchase.

Available for purchase on Hammacher