Classy Wooden Phone: The S-Series

S Series Phone

Here’s a thing that we don’t see that often nowadays: a concept phone that doesn’t have a futuristic, outlandish design, but rather sticks to a classic look. And by classic I don’t mean just ‘old-school sliding camera phone’, I mean wood. Yes, wood. The casing is made out of beautiful lacquered wood, giving it a somewhat noble look.

Designed by Simon Enever, this is one concept that doesn’t focus on stuffing as many features as possible in a shocking/strange case, but chooses to go for classy beauty. And it manages a great deal, too: every detail is where you’d expect it, the black glossy cover is perfectly assorted with the dark wood and the (fairly big) display disappears completely behind the black front when not backlit.

Featured on Yanko Design, found via Sci-FI Tech.

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