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Classon smart helmet helps cyclists out

classonGoing around on a pair of wheels can be a pretty exhilarating experience, especially when you are making your way downhill on rough terrain. Regardless, if you are exploring new routes or if you are simply making your way around town on your bicycle, it is imperative that you wear a helmet as well to make sure that you are well protected in the event of an unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance. At least wearing a helmet reduces the chance of severe head injury, as it offers protection for your skull. However, if you would like your helmet to do a whole lot more, Brooklyness has just the thing for you in the form of the Classon smart helmet.

The Classon smart helmet is truly one of a kind, since this new breed of intelligent bike helmet will be able to send real time information to cyclists as part of an effort to keep them safe. How does Classon work? For starters, it will make use of a range of non-disruptive lights on the visor in order to alert a rider of goings on and other motorists of a cyclist’s planned actions.

There are also other features available on the Classon smart helmet that will make you wish it had come out a whole lot earlier on before you made a purchase. For starters, the presence of cameras in the front as well as back would pave the way for blind spot detection, as it learns to recognize when cars are approaching. As it continues with its recording, the video can then be accessed for sharing and would come in extremely handy in the event of an accident.

Not only that, gesture sensors will activate the turning signals simply by indicating your turn, and the helmet actively receives guidance with its ​intuitive interface giving cyclists step-by-step navigation so that you do not have to take your eyes off the road. Pretty cool for a bike helmet, yes?

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