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ClassicX-Variheight Embeds A Computer Into Your Desk

Isn’t it great that computer peripherals are becoming so darn slim? Some of these new gadgets, if looked at from a side angle, could even be easily missed. Computers used to take up whole rooms! And we’re talking as recently as 15-20 years ago. The great thing about these computer parts slimming down is that they are so much easier to integrate in to the home.

In fact, furniture these days are being made so that the computer barely needs to be integrated at all, but just fits right inside of the furniture itself. The ClassicX-Variheight from i-Desk embeds two of the essential peripherals into its own design, with an embedded back panel for housing the TFT flat-screen display, and a keyboard which embeds right into the desk’s surface.

Designed with both the average user and the user with special needs in mind, the ClassicX features an electronic height adjustment mechanism which allows the desk to be adjusted for optimal comfort for any user. The ClassicX even helps you keep your office in order. All of the computer’s cabling are stored inside of the desk itself.

Everything is so compact, it’s truly incredible. The disc drive is even built right into the front panel of the desk where the drawer should be. The only worry we have is that the keyboard might not be easy to type on since there is almost no height incline. But we suppose this will have to be gotten used to, especially with how much devices are shrinking.

Product Page via BornRich

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  1. This computer is pretty hip. You will never have to worry too much about someone trying to steal the desktop unless they have rented a u-haul truck.

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