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Classic Snow Cone Cart

For those of you living in the northern hemisphere, you know something big’s coming your way – and I am not talking about an economic bailout for your country, and neither am I saying that you are going to win the Euro 2012 Championship (for folks in Europe, anyways). Summer – a season that makes it such a joy to go outdoors, spending time with your family in near perfect weather, as you experience longer days and shorter nights, in addition to having all sorts of summer fare on the silver screen to keep you entertained. How about making sure you too, can cool down with some ice cream? I guess this is where the $4,000 Classic Snow Cone Cart comes in handy. Boasting a classic ruffled red awning, the cart’s electric grinder is able to churn out up to 500 lbs. of finely granulated ice per hour from standard issue household ice cubes. It will also come with an ice scoop and tray that paves the way for you to produce up to eight snow cones at a time. Your guests will then have to apply their own measure of flavored syrup from one of the three dispensers, making it ideal for single or multi-flavored concoctions thanks to the one-gallon syrup containers of cherry, grape, blue raspberry, lemon-lime, or orange that has been included for good measure. I suppose if you are going to throw a party like a boss, this is a good way of doing so. ]]>

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