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Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock – all the world’s a stage

Clapperboard Alarm Clock

If you want to eat, breathe, and sleep in the world of acting for the big screen, you need to spend every moment of your day practicing for your next role. You must be able to switch between characters and emotions at the drop of a hat. Should you be the competitive type by nature, you could always challenge yourself with the most challenging challenge to ever challenge you.

This Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock looks like the clapboards that are used on set for movies and shows alike, and requires you to do the clapper motion to end the alarm. You could wake up, hit the clapper and practice characters as soon as you rip yourself away from the land of dreams. Maybe you could even record your performance with your phone to laugh at how poorly the groggy version of yourself does. Even if you don’t do that, this Alarm Clock does seem pretty cool for the actor-types that like to have reminders of their profession all over the place.

This has an LCD 24 hour clock display that shows military time. It will give you the hour, minute, second, deci-second, and display the date with day, month, and year so you know exactly when you are. This is no cheap trinket at around $77, and you’ll likely need an adapter for the power as this is coming out of the UK, but it depends on how far you’re willing to go for novelty!

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