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Clap Or Tap Block Clock – either way, it will be silenced

clap-tap-block-clockGetting enough sleep is one thing – but to be able to wake up in the morning is another, especially when you have not obtained the right amount of sleep in the night before, hence leaving you with extremely heavy eyelids that are reluctant to open up the next day. Well, the right kind of alarm clock – one that gives out an almighty din would definitely be worth checking out, and even more so if it is difficult to shut off. We have seen some cool alarm clocks in the past, and this time around, here is the $79.95 Clap Or Tap Block Clock.

Specially disguised to resemble that of a simple block of wood, this is a cordless digital clock which will show off the time whenever you activate it. How does the Clap Or Tap Block Clock get activated? The answers are in the name itself – you can rely on touch, or to clap your hands, which would result in sound. This is perfect for those who find that the constant glare of an ordinary clock could prove to be a stumbling block when it comes to sleep, while the wood cuboid’s innocuous exterior would be able to conceal its true purpose nicely. Time is shown in large, easy-to-read blue LED numerals, and you can set it to alternate between the time, date, and room temperature, or simply to show off the current time only. There are three separate alarms and the all important snooze function to boot.