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Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

Getting enough vitamin C into your body system should be the health ideal for many folks out there, as it will not only make sure that our immune system remains strong against all those nasty germs out there. Apart from taking vitamin C supplements, there is another way of getting around it – via the £14.99 Citrus Zinger Water Bottle.

It does not matter whether you are fond of limes, crave clementines or only simply enjoy oranges, the Citrus Infused Water Bottle will sport a built-in juicer to help you get all of the healthy goodness from different citrus fruits. Heck, this also means you need not drink plain old water any more, as all of your water would be infused with flavor from your favourite citrus fruit. All you need to do is slice an appropriate amount, load it into the base and screw it tight, and the juices will start to flow. Follow that up by filling the top with water, and you can then enjoy citrus-flavored water for the entire day.