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Circulation Enhancing Heated Floor Mat keeps your toes nice and warm

circulation-enhancing-floor-matWhen the mercury drops during autumn and the bitter cold of winter sets in not too long after, remaining nice and warm is always essential. While we might look into heating solutions that could rack up a hefty utility bill at the end of the month, perhaps there are other ways of getting the job done? The $79.95 Circulation Enhancing Heated Floor Mat is one of them. As its name suggests, this is a heated floor mat that emits far infrared energy across its surface. Doing so will help it to help improve foot and leg circulation.

The mat will reach its consistent temperature of 110° F in just 15 minutes through undetectable heating coils which will be able to provide penetrating warmth. Such warmth will enhance blood flow and help ease foot fatigue and leg lassitude. With its poly textile top, it mimics the feeling and texture of a typical area rug and its non-slip bottom prevents sliding on hard floors. You can use it with both socks or bare feet, and do not fret too much as its 6.5 feet long cord can plug into an AC outlet.