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This Circular Rolling Knife makes a quick job of cutting veggies


If you use a computer, like to play video games and enjoy cooking, there’s a very high chance your wrists are screwed. There is a proper angle to do any activity at, and using a computer and chopping things are surefire ways to make sure you’re almost never doing the proper positioning. There are, of course, a million different things you can buy to alleviate strain while sitting at your desk, so it only makes sense that there would be options for all of you culinary artists out there as well.

While you won’t have as much precision while cutting with the Circular Rolling Knife as it has to be against a hard surface to work adequately, it will put your wrist at a better angle for cutting. This is a stainless steel circular blade with an ABS non-slip shell so you can easily grasp and roll this knife, pinning food down and slicing as it goes. If you would rather chop than roll, there’s a built-in brake to slow the blade.

It’s easy to clean as the shell can be taken off and put in the dishwasher, though you’ll want to wash the blade by hand so you don’t have to deal with early dulling. This is a cheap $13 kitchen utensil that will help keep your wrist straight, whether you’re already dealing with issues or wanting to keep the damage to a minimum. Looking up some stretching routines and remembering to step away from muscle-straining work would be a good idea to do in tandem just to get into the practice of caring for yourself.

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