The Circuit Scribe makes creating circuits as easy as doodling on your notes

Circuit Scribe

The world of technology is a fascinating and magical place. However, if you don’t know much about it things can be very overwhelming to learn on your own. Not everyone has their brain wired the same way, and pouring over books may not teach someone as well as hands-on activities would. When it comes to making circuitry, it can be messy, smelly, and time-consuming.

If you want to teach others or yourself how to do circuit building without having to use a breadboard, then you’re going to love Circuit Scribe. This is a pen with conductive silver ink that lets you draw exactly what you want where you want, without any need for wires whatsoever. This can be used with Arduino, Makey Makey, and other electronic platforms for any projects your noggin can come up with.

To make things as easy as possible, they made components that have magnetic backing so you can keep them in place on a whiteboard or refrigerator. Getting a basic kit will give you LEDs, capacitors, an NPN transistor, and a conductive ink pen. This will only cost you $45, or you could get the option that also gives you a workbook for an extra $15. This is a great way to teach those with little knowledge of circuitry¬†how things work with minimal mess and leaving very little room for confusion. If this is solely to teach yourself, you’ll be able to create all manner of gizmos before you know it.

Available for purchase on 123Dcircuits