Circuit Board Necklace

The Circuit Board Necklace is definitely one great way to recycle old electronics, especially with more and more people jumping onto the computing bandwagon, you can expect our landfills to fill up with more printed circuit boards in due time. What better way to recycle those than turning them into something else that can be sold?

Made from recycled printed circuit boards, these pendants are a little over 1.5 inches in width and come on an adjustable-length waxed cotton cord. The circuit boards used are pre-consumer waste, aka they’ve been printed wrong. So they’ve never been soldered, which means none of the lead concerns that sometimes accompany reused circuit boards. They come in a gift box for ease of gifting. Each necklace is unique, just like every snowflake. Only with more circuit board than your average snowflake. So yours won’t look exactly like the one in the picture, but it’ll be the same shape, style, and size.

The next time you scratch your head wondering what to get for your geek-inclined girlfriend/wife, why not give the $19.99 Circuit Board Necklace a try?