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The Circle Swing makes being an adult seem fun

The Circle Swing

When we were kids, being an adult seemed like the best thing ever because you could do whatever you want whenever you wanted. Of course, once we get to adulthood we realize that it only appeared to be that way, as new responsibilities and obligations took the place of rules and bedtimes. Being an adult isn’t all bad though, since we are able to do what we want when it pleases us.┬áThe downside is that we have to deal with the consequences afterward.

One thing that is likely to have no negative consequences is this Circle Swing which will make you feel like a kid all over again. If you’ve never swung on a tire swing, then you’ll gain a new piece of childhood you missed out on. This is made of Oak which has been finished with linseed oil that forms a circle with a slightly wider spot on the bottom for your bum. On the top is a stainless steel mount with carabiner hole that will hook onto a ceiling system which you will have to put in place.

This is both a work of art and a piece of furniture, so paying out $900 seems quite reasonable if you have the funds for it. There are color options of black, white, and natural which will show off the grain of the wood. The shipping for this monstrosity is going to be $150 and up depending on where you live. While this will certainly make you feel like a kid again while at home, do try to attach it to a support beam or you’ll be looking at lots of extra repairs and possible hospital bills.

Available for purchase on designboom

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