Cinema Light Box brightens up your room in style

cinema-lightHaving a night light or bedside lamp is definitely a good idea, especially when you take into consideration that such a light would do well in helping you avoid stubbing your toe against the side of a cabinet or chest of drawers should you want to get up and relieve yourself in the middle of the night. Rather than settle for the ordinary in life, how about going ahead with something special in the form of the £29.99 Cinema Light Box?

Right now, the Cinema Light Box is available to pre-order and is tipped to be shipped from the 5th of February this year onward. Basically, you will be able to see your very own name in lights, and the room can be transformed into a bonafide picture house with this being lighted up. Each purchase will arrive with 69 flexible acetate letters, numbers and symbols for you to play around as you wish, and works great as a table lamp. With three rows available, there is plenty of room to play with. It will be powered by half a dozen AA batteries and lit up by internal LEDs, so you might want to make use of rechargeables to take advantage of it,