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Cinder Sensing Cooker takes the work out of cooking

Cinder Cooker

Cooking is a difficult art to master. There are hundreds of thousands of ingredients to combine which can make your mouth water or your stomach turn. Of course, choosing what to make and how is only half the battle. Cooking times and heat play a very important role when it comes to making a dish.

If you have difficulty hitting the exact moment between perfectly cooked and burned, then you likely wish you didn’t have to always keep an eye on your stove. This is a perfect time to turn to technology. The Cinder Sensing Cooker may look like a George Foreman grill, but has far more capabilities than that. This has more focus on temperature than time, removing the urgency from you to always watch your food while it’s cooking.

Through this counter top press, you can brown, carmelize, crisp, and sear food with an even temperature across the the entire cooking surface. It pairs with an app, where you’ll choose what you want to make and how you want it cooked. When it’s done, it will alert your phone or tablet that it’s time to eat, but will hold the temperature until you’re ready to get to it. The cooking plates are easy to remove and clean, making this a rather effortless ordeal. This set up will cost you $499, and will start shipping in early 2016.

Available for pre-order on cindercooks

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