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Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter helps those without green fingers out

chupponYes, we certainly have seen our fair share of devices in the past that rely on the power and wonders of technology in order to make sure that the plants that come under your care would have the highest possible chance of surviving like the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, never mind the fact that your track record has been nothing but awful to the very maximum. Having said that, perhaps you might want to start with an easier plant to take care of, like say, a cactus or something of the equivalent. If you feel that such would be beneath your dignity, then perhaps the £9.99 Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter might be able to ease your task.

You will be able to choose from different animal designs, with the pig and rabbit being among them. The Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter happen to be cute ceramic creatures which will “drink” whenever their herbs are thirsty. It comes with all that you require to get started to grow your very own tiny plant, where it will perch patiently on the edge of a glass or mug. Made in Japan, these lovable ceramic creatures will have straws in their mouths, doing away with the need for a watering can, where all you need to do is plant-and-forget.