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The Chronos will let you convert your favorite watch into a smart one


New fangled gadgets and gizmos are showing up every day, and for some of us, we’re plenty happy with the old stuff we have that still works. Of course we want to have all the extra goodies of activity tracking, notifications, and smartphone whatevers, but when you bought something that was built to last and it lasts, it’s silly to toss it out for something of lesser quality. If you want all the new hotness without tossing out old faithful gadgetry, why not upgrade it?

The Chronos is a thin disc that will attach to your wrist watch which will turn it into a smart watch. It’s under 3mm thick, so it shouldn’t interfere with the present feel of your watch too greatly. It uses micro-suction technology to attach and detach from your watch, so you also don’t have to worry about having magnets or residue on your precious time piece. Of course, the interesting part about this device is not how it sticks to your watch, but in what it can do.

This will let you control your smartphone through taps and gestures. It will let you silence calls, skip music tracks, and well, whatever you want it to do. It of course works with an app on your iOS or Android smartphone, and will notify you of whatever you want it to through light patterns or vibrations. There’s integrated fitness tracking as well! This is made out of stainless steel, will last for 36 hours on one charge, is water-resistant, and will cost you $99.

Pre-order the Chronos on wearchronos