ChronoDose – Transdermal Drug Delivery


I can’t imagine the addictive pull of a cigarette. Having been lucky enough to have never started smoking, I find it amazing how many people still light up, despite the fact that it can, well… kill you.  I guess it must be an overwhelming task to try and stop doing something your brain has become hardwired to expect. They say the benefits of quitting begin almost immediately. What’s on the horizon that might help? Other than gum, pills, and patches?

 Check out ChronoDose, a programmable transdermal drug delivery system that’s worn as an armband. The ChronoDose will someday offer many different drugs the ability to be programmed, and administered via this transdermal device, but the buzz is all about it’s use as the world’s first programmable nicotine replacement method. ChronoDose’s use with SmartStop™ gives the device the ability to be programmed to anticipate the users cravings, and offer nicotine dosing scheduled to take effect before the urge to smoke strikes.

So, unlike gums, and pills that take time in order to work, the ChronoDose offers personalized treatment that can be synchronized with your cravings, offering you higher dosages before the cravings begin, say, when you wake up in the morning. This interesting device offers folks struggling with nicotine addiction a system that makes compliance easier, and with its delivery automated to your schedule, it anticipates your needs and helps make quitting just a little bit easier.

If you, or someone you love needs to quit smoking, find out more about the ChronoDose nicotine delivery system with SmartStop™ Pending FDA approval, this system could actually be available soon, and at a price that’s comparable to current over-the-counter smoking cessation products. This may be just what you’ve been waiting for.