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The Chrona helps you sleep the optimal amount of time, and no more


When you have a life where every minute counts, it’s hard to get a good night of sleep. You have to view your rest as a resource, and rather than making you work to feel rested, you can tailor your sleep to work for you, on your terms. While you may have tried keeping track of your fitness, eating, and sleep, this will only give you information, rather than helping you reach your goals.

If you wish you could not only track how much sleep you’re getting, but improve it without having to do anything, then you’ll want the Chrona, which will turn your pillow into a smart pillow. This memory foam insert has been created to help those with high-performance lifestyles get the most out of slumber. Instead of being a constrictive band like most trackers, this is under your head, and can tell what you’re up to while sleeping based on your head and torso movements.

While you’re snoozing, Chrona will play low frequency sounds to help you sleep even deeper than what you can accomplish on your own. Whenever you need to wake up, this will start playing high-frequency sounds to put you in a lighter state of sleep so you won’t be jolted awake by an alarm. There’s a vibration alarm that will bring you into full consciousness, and everything can be controlled and monitored by your smartphone. This is going to cost you $119 during the crowdfunding campaign, or $169 once it hits retail.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter