Christian Schallert’s shape-shifting apartment

We have reported on many small apartment dwellers who have turned their cramped spaces into something innovative. There was that Hong Kong man who created the Domestic Transformer, and the Japanese man who built his house in a space designed for parking.
This is Christian Schallert, who lives in what many blogs are calling a “Lego apartment”. At least, that is how one of his friends in the video (which you can see after the jump) describes it. I’m not certain whether the Lego is a good description, but it certainly is creative.
Schallert took a place that was a complete dive and turned it into a compact yet cozy living space. Apparently, he was inspired by the designs of Japanese homes plus hidden storage units.
You will note how this bed conveniently slides underneath the balcony. The dining room table folds up into the wall, and everything else seems to fit conveniently behind cabinet-like doors. There is even a small room for the toilet, and a “glass cube” for the shower.
Well, if I was living the single life, I would sure like to live here. Right now, I am trying to live in a small place with three kids, and trying to compact as much as possible. I’m not dong as good a job as this guy.


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