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Chocolate printer perfected, ready to see store deployment

While not every one is able to indulge in chocolate due to allergy issues, most folks I know absolutely love anything and everything that there is to the world of chocolate. After all, it has been said that good quality chocolate has a decent level of antioxidants, and it can also function as an aphrodisiac. Well, eating too much chocolate is not a good thing, since life is a careful achievement of balance regardless of the matter. Having said that, if you not only love to eat chocolates, but want to learn to make a living off it through a bakery class or anything of that sort, you might want to consider the chocolate printer that you see here. UK scientists have managed to come up with a prototype chocolate printer sometime last year, and according to them, they have successfully perfected it. The very same group of scientists hold out the hope of seeing this machine hit store shelves sometime at the end of this month. While commendable, it is a shame in some ways since that would mean missing out on a potentially high sales figure due to the Easter egg rush. Just what does this chocolate printer do? For starters, it enables chocolate lovers to print out their very own custom-made sweets, layer by layer. According to lead scientist Dr Liang Hao, who hails from the University of Exeter, he decided to establish the Choc Edge company and commercialize the device after receiving a fair amount of interest from retailers. At point of publishing, the world of 3D printing has seen different materials undergo a similar experience, ranging from plastic to wood and metal, but chocolate? This is definitely something new, and for those who have mastered the art of chocolate printing by squeezing every single bit of performance out of it, it could very well be the next big thing in the world of confectioneries for small time businesses. According to Dr. Hao, chocolate printing is similar to any other 3D printing technique, where it starts off with a flat cross-section image which is the same to that produced by ordinary printers that churn out images, followed by printing out the chocolate layer by layer in order to develop to create a 3D shape, all without the help of a single moulding tool. Source]]>

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