Chocolate iPod Speaker tastes like plastic

I can’t say that I really understand gadgets that resemble chocolate.  It’s not that I’m not a chocolate lover or am on some diet that keeps me from eating my necessary amount of chocolate.  I just don’t see the need to tempt fate by putting a fake piece of chocolate in front of me at all times to make me crave chocolate way more than I normally would.  Take for example, before I started writing this article I was perfectly fine with my turkey sandwich.  Now that I’m staring at a chocolate speaker I’m going to have to go raid my cabinets for something sweet.

It’s just a bad idea.  Thank you Strapya for as usual giving me weird food cravings from your food related gadgets.  The speaker has a dock connector and the speakers are up front.  Then on the back you’ll find buttons to adjust the volume.  It’s pretty basic stuff.  Plus the price, $21, isn’t too shabby.  That is until you factor in the extra money you’ll be forced to invest in chocolate.

Source: SlipperyBrick