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Chocolate Hub is a USB-C wireless charging hub

choc-hubNow this is a delicious looking piece of peripheral that computer users might want to pick up from 23 Devices — where it is aptly known as the Chocolate Hub. The Chocolate Hub is basically a USB-C wireless charging hub that will also be able to integrate itself seamlessly with Appleā€™s spanking new MacBook Pro and other kinds of laptops which boast of USB-C connectivity.

The Chocolate Hub has made waves simply because it is deemed to be the first ever USB-C hub of its kind to arrive equipped with QI wireless phone charging capacity capability, as well as what is now considered to be must-have ports for most modern homes and offices. The Chocolate Hub has not been produced just yet, as it will soon appear in a crowdfunding campaign — on November 11 to be exact, with a target amount of $20,000 in order to make the Chocolate Hub a reality.

The exclusive chocolate-like surface is what gives the Chocolate Hub its name, and it will play nice with a notable number of major smartphone manufacturers and models. Too bad the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus does not support wireless charging on its own just yet — perhaps it is just Apple that does not see the need for something like that to happen. If your smartphone is compatible with the Chocolate Hub, all that you need to do is place it on the cool chocolate surface and it would start charging immediately. This would also mean that the remaining ports of the Chocolate Hub will be free to be used, and there is also a USB-C Power & Data Transfer port that will assist you in juicing up your laptop when in use.

Not only that, the Chocolate Hub even comes with a 4K ready HDMI port and a couple of Super Speed USB 3.0 backward compatible ports, accompanied by an SD 3.0 Card Reader to make this a truly must-have peripheral for serious laptop owners.

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