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The ChocaByte will let you create 3D printed masterpieces out of chocolate

What leisure activities fill up your spare time? Do you play sports, watch TV, or play games? Whatever your choice, it’s likely something you enjoy thinking about, as it’s a mental escape from work and the humdrum of life. If a hobby makes you happy, why not pursue it? What if your passion lay with making sculptures out of chocolate, and you don’t have the materials to do it?

While you could learn the arduous process associated with tempering and forming chocolate, there are easier ways pf doing things. The ChocoByte will take your crazy chocolate ideas, and make them into a reality. This is a chocolate 3D printer which is capable of producing a 2x2x1” chocolates. You can’t make anything large scale obviously, but this may open the door in a smaller sense into the intriguing world of chocolate.

This is currently only available for pre-order, and will cost about $100. Of course, that doesn’t include the cartridges, which you can purchase 4 of for around $10. By the time this ships you will likely be able to upload your own designs, but as of this moment, it has 100’s of template files for you to choose from. The chocolate cartridge will need to be warmed before being put to use, as you’ll otherwise be trying to mold hard chocolate. This is a interesting idea, but the quality of the chocolate is likely a bit questionable, and you would probably learn more through making your own chocolate creations minus the machine.

Available for pre-order on solididea, found via redferret