Chirping Bird Alarm Clock

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping is a far sweeter way to rise than the obnoxious beeping from your alarm clock.  However, some don’t wake up in the morning to birds.  Be it because of working night shift or those birds just not being nearly reliable enough for your tastes, this alarm clock is one way to take care of those problems.  This dainty clock will chirp some life back into you whenever you need to pull yourself out of bed.

It even has features for the visually impaired by being capable saying out loud, the time.  The clock is supposed to use actual recorded bird sounds instead of some fake bird noises made in a computer lab.  The bird shaped clock comes in white, blue and pink.  They’re priced at about $38, but there is a small catch.  These appear to come from a Japanese vendor, so you’ll have to have them shipped to you for a decent amount of cash.

Source: Gizmodiva