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The Chips are your headphones for every occasion


We love listening to our tunes throughout the day, but we usually have several different methods of getting the music to our ears. There are speakers, headphones, ear buds, and even bone conduction systems to try and deliver your music to you in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. If you’re an avid outdoor explorer, and wish you had headphones that could match your stride, then you’re going to want a pair that is multi-functional so you won’t have to switch out.

That’s where the Chips come in. These are all-in-one headphones that can handle rough and tough, but have more functionality than the average set. Sporting 40mm drivers and equipped with over-sized buttons on the outside, you can rock out without having to fiddle with your phone to control¬†everything . It has an IPX4 rating, meaning it doesn’t mind the occasional splash of water, and can handle temperatures down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. You can take calls, ask Siri a question, and skip a track all with the push of a button.

They look a bit like two circles attached by a colorful noodle, but it’s the accessories that it comes with which make it truly multi-functional. You’ll be looking at paying $95-150 for either a wired or wireless pair of Chips, and both come with a headband, beanie, K-roo helmet pouch, cuff beanie, and an exoskeleton. Essentially, this gives you the all the options you could want for wherever life may take you.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter