Chip Maker has DIY feel for snacks

Microwave chip maker for healthy snacks

It may look like a slide carousel for those old vacation slides, but this nifty little invention is a do it yourself low fat potato chip maker. simply slice your potato chips wafer thing and line them up in the slots. Stick ’em in the microwave for a minute and you have what claims to be a nice low fat potato chip. No oil, no extra calories.

The chip maker comes complete with the 204mm slotted disk to place the potato chips, and two separate slicing tools for making wafer thin chips from a whole potato. It also doubles as a serving dish with dipping sectors in the middle. And the nice thing is that it’s certainly ideal to make alternative snacks as well including sweet potato chips, tortilla chips, carrot chips and whatever other vegetable you can slice and nuke into a tasty, healthy snack. That also means kids can use it without fear of being burned or burning down the house.


And because most offices have a microwave for cooking of processed TV style dinners, it could make for an ideal afternoon treat when workers need something to get them over that late afternoon slump. And studies show that a baked potato raises the endorphins in the brain and will help you to eat less at meal time.

For $14, it’s well worth seeing if it makes something that actually tastes good without being baked and easily shattered.

Hat Tip – Gadgets4all

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