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Chinese Man Makes his own Helicopter

chinese-farmer-wooden-helicopter-thumb-550x355-21956I realize that normally we devote our articles to products you can actually buy, but the story behind this man’s helicopter is flat-out amazing and inspirational to us all.

Wu Zhongyuan is a 20 year old farmer who, ever since he was a child, dreamed of not needing to climb mountains anymore. It would appear that he found his remedy by creating his own flying machine. Wu used principles that he learned in middle-school physics and other relevant knowledge by surfing the Internet on a mobile phone to create this helicopter.

The blades are made from Elm tree wood, and a motorcycle engine provides the power. The frame is reinforced with steel pipes, and he claims that his single-seat copter can fly up to 2,600 feet! Believe it or not, he assembled this DIY helicopter for just $1,600.

This is one of those stories that I really hope is not made up. After all, who hasn’t had a dream and desired that it take flight? Mr. Zhongyuan doesn’t sound like he had a major corporate sponsor, just vision and ingenuity.

Sadly, the Chinese government won’t let Wu fly. I’m pretty certain that the FAA probably wouldn’t let an American inventor fly their own helicopter either, but the fact that someone could do so much with so little just inspires me, really. Kind of makes you wonder what you are doing with your life, doesn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Chinese Man Makes his own Helicopter”

  1. The FAA WOULD let someone build their own aircraft- it’s called the Amateur-built rule. Provided an individual can attest that he built it for his own education and recreation, anything can get an airworthiness certificate and go fly.

    This aircraft in your story appears to be a gyrocopter. There are thousands that have been built over the years in the U.S. The Benson gyrocopter is a close relative. Google Benson gyrocopter and you’ll see. They also have a very poor safety rate, but luckily, only the pilot usually dies. They don’t take passengers.

    Here is a picture of a typical Benson.

  2. becuz we are cheap and smart… we build… we last… and we use!!! XDDDDD thats why everything u get (almost everything) in USA, on the back, “Made In China”

  3. Actually, no, I do not wonder what I am doing with my life. The human mind is a lot more powerful than any of us realize. With God’s help and outside academia, I developed a one dose cure for drug addiction, crime, and sexual perversion. God is a lot more Almighty than we give Him credit for.

  4. Just one more comment… you write quote “he assembled this DIY helicopter for just $1,600.” unquote.
    If $1600 for us may not be a fortune, for many Chinese it can easily represent more than a year income…
    I lived for a while in a village in Yunnan (south west China) where the average income per family was about 1000 yuan (approx. $ 140) per year….

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