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China to get Q-enabled Samsung TVs

qq-tvSouth Korean conglomerate has recently unveiled their new Family TV features which support one of China’s most popular messenger service, QQ, at the Samsung China Forum that was held earlier this month. In other words, this particular new TV model will be able to provide users with full access to QQ messenger, which then enables users to carry out their chats as well as share photos and videos with their family members and friends, all over the TV itself. Certainly having a big screen experience changes everything, don’t you think so?

Apart from ensuring that family members and friends will be able to remain connected and in constant contact with one another in front of the big screen, the newly introduced Family TV feature will also be able to assist those who have visual and hearing impairments to be able to better enjoy watching TV. This particularly new function enables users to make adjustments to the picture and audio quality, and at the same time enlarge the font size, in order to modify the TV to suit their preferences and make it more accessible.

At the Samsung China Forum, Samsung decided to take the opportunity to showcase the different kinds of SUHD TV sets for the year, ranging from 49” models to super-large 98” ones that would find a place in many of the rich and famous’ homes. These products deliver the best-possible viewing experience, which will be powered by such special features as high dynamic range (HDR) technology, which supports 1,000 nit brightness, and next generation Quantum dot display, which is able to express natural colors as they are.

It looks like the TV industry is definitely doing its bit to retain its market share in terms of screen time where consumers are concerned, especially when mobile devices and increasingly faster mobile data speeds make the TV kind of redundant, apart from watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

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