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The ChillTHAT! Bowl keeps ice cream at the optimal temperature


Ice cream is the sweet snack that fills in the cracks of your stomach after dinner. It is creamy, sweet, and comes in more flavors and varieties than you could think of. This is what makes it both wonderful and terribly dangerous. The only issue with this treat is that it is a frozen snack, and if you take too long to eat it you will quickly be spooning up sweet dairy soup rather than ice cream.

If you want to prevent yourself from eating too much too quickly, or just save yourself from having to eat a liquid, the ChillTHAT can help. This is a bowl that will act as a lunch box ice pack for your ice cream, keeping it colder for much longer than it would on its own. This is made of a durable scratch-resistant shell that can be tossed into the dishwasher as soon as you’re done.

This comes in raspberry, papaya, and mint colors, which one can only assume is actually pink, orange, and green. This will only cost you $14.99, and is perfect for those that use a scoop of ice cream as a regular evening snack at home. Holding a bowl of ice cream is going to be a far chillier experience with this in your hands, but having frozen ice cream for longer is a good enough trade that it will be worth it…probably.

Available for purchase on thatinventions, found via redferret


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