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The Chill Pal keeps cool in the summer sun

Chill Pal Cooling Towel

We were lamenting about the cold weather a few months ago, and now the heat is starting to make us regret not enjoying the frigid air more. It’s easier to bundle up when it’s cold than to deal with heat as there are only so many layers you can take off before it’s just you in your birthday suit. There are fans and breathable clothing that you can buy, but when it’s blazing hot, you’re always going to want backup plans for your backup plan.

The Chill Pal is a cooling towel that is hoping to be the next big thing in simple methods to turn down the heat during hot days or after a long run. This is a 24 x 16” towel that’s made of PVA, which will feel like foam against your skin. To get the effectiveness of this tool, you’ll want to soak it in cold water, wring it out, give it a snap, and apply it to whatever needs cooling. The material is said to hold water for a longer period of time so it can’t evaporate as quickly.

There are going to be other towels out there that will do this job just as well, but at least it’s not an expensive thing to put to the test at around $12. There are ocean blue, aqua blue, and sunshine yellow color options, and it will arrive slightly damp in a preservative liquid. While it will help with cooling you down, it’s not likely to help with those who sweat avidly since the idea is to hold cold liquid, not soak up hot sweat.

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