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Chill Out, Without Ice

More wine talk! Wine temperatures sure make a difference, even for the uneducated drinker. If you put two glasses of Pinot Grigio in front of anyone – one room temp and one at a proper 35 degrees – guess what tastes better? Or even a nice red. Room temp is too warm. Chill just a smidge and the flavor comes out. And don’t forget the importance of chilling sparkling wines. So what if you entertain and have red and white and bubbly drinkers? Keeping them at the proper temperature poses a challenge. Ditch the ice and the fridge and go electrical. Brookstone offers an Iceless Wine Chiller for $99.99. They use Peltier thermoelectric technology. Essentially a thermoelectric cooling, with no moving parts or liquid to chill things. Just plug it in, insert your bottle, punch in the desired temperature and let the chiller do its thing. The LED display shows current and desired temperature so you can see the progress. And a countdown timer alerts you when the vino is ready.  The device fits nicely on a kitchen or bar counter top too. So let your guests enjoy the full flavor of the wines you serve. They’ll think you hired a sommelier! ]]>