Chili Bed warms one side and cools the other

I have a serious reputation for being constantly frozen, which usually means the second anyone enters my house they’re burning alive.  That is unless I have thought ahead and turned down the thermostat to a normal person type of temperature.  For those of you that either live with someone who’s always warm or freezing this mattress will make sleeping a lot easier.  It’ll allow for one side to be heated all the while the other side is keeping the other person cool.

The mattress itself can be purchased in different sizes.  You can also choose dual or single zone pads.  The single zones come in Twin, Twin XL, Full and Queen.  The dual comes in Queen, King and California King.  The difference between the two types is one allows for two different temperatures on either side of the bed and then the single only allows for one.  The prices range from $399 to $499 for the single zones and $599 to $649 for the dual zones.

Source: NerdApproved

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