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Child’s Self Casting Fishing Rod makes things easy peasy

fishing-rodYou know, there are times when you will actually need to pry your young one away from the TV or computer screen simply to enjoy the great outdoors, especially when the weather is real fine and dandy. After all, staring for too long a period of time at a blank screen is definitely not recommended at all, so why not take your little one for a spot of fishing? It teaches the value of patience as well as helps open up the line of communication, and make sure there is no digital fishing involved. Enter the $49.95 Child’s Self Casting Fishing Rod that will target beginners.

The Child’s Self Casting Fishing Rod is as what it is, being a child’s fishing rod that launches its bobber up to 25 feet with the press of a button. It is the perfect way for children to experience real-life fishing with minimal assistance from parents or grandparents, as young anglers can simply pull back the spring-loaded barrel, aim it at the target area, and press the launch button. The capsule-shaped bobber will remain closed until it hits the water, where it will then release the baited hook to tempt any nearby fish. It comes with 150 feet of 8 lb. test line and a couple of hooks, targeting those who are aged 8 and older.