Children’s Water Ski Trainer

If your little ones want to pick up water skiing, how do you break their hearts and tell them “No”? Just like most parents out there who intend to give the best to their kids, you too, might want to consider what Hammacher has up their sleeves with the Children’s Water Ski Trainer.
This is an inflatable trainer which will go some way in letting that little progeny of yours learn the fundamentals of water skiing in an enjoyable, non-threatening manner. Instead of struggling with skis in the water, your little one will step into the trainer from the boat, followed by taking off from a stable seated position.
The trainer itself comes with a wide platform, padded handle, and foot bindings that will definitely do their part in helping little ones quickly learn how to raise themselves to a standing position, alongside shifting their weight to make turns. There will, of course, be adult supervision as an observer in the boat will hold the 40′ tow rope for it to be released immediately after a spill so that the trainer remains near the child.
The trainer itself boasts of an 800 denier inflatable cover with a built-in wood skimmer for exceptional stability, and will be able to support kids (or super skinny ladies) who do not tip the scales at more than 65 lbs. Expect to fork out $169.95 for the Children’s Water Ski Trainer.